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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Creating an Account

To get started using the free hosted account on WordPress, go to

Click the Get Started button to create a free WordPress account. You can create a new account using your email, a username and a password, or you can login with a Google or Apple account. Let's Get Started WordPress Account Screen

Once you have added your email or logged in with Google or Apple you will be prompted to name your new site. For free accounts your site/blog name will become something like: where mynewblog is the name you picked. Because WordPress does not allow duplicate names, if you pick a name that is already in use, you will be prompted to choose something else. Once you have chosen a name that is available choose the Select button next to the Free option.

Choose the free domain option in WordPress setup

Next you will be presented with a variety of paid options, but you can create your free site by choosing the start with a free site option at the top.

Start with the free plan option in the WordPress setup

Finally, you will be taken to the administrative panel and guided through the rest of the setup which includes giving your site a name, updating the home page, confirming your email and creating a navigation. You can also jump to other areas to start creating pages right away! No matter what you decide to do first, be sure to check your email to confirm your account. 

Getting The Site Setup Screen in WordPress with Admin Panel Side Navigation