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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Edit Page Header

Header options can be adjusted by hovering over the header. You can edit the text, change the image background, and choose how the banner will appear on the page.

Edit the header

The Header type allows you to change how the header image will appear on the page. Options include Cover, Large Banner, Banner or Title only.

header type options

You can also change the background image of the header by selecting the Change image option. Here you can upload a new image or select an image from the built-in gallery, your photo album, Google Drive or a URL. If you don't want to keep the changes you've made, you can reset the header by selecting the Reset option. If you want your page to display without a header you can use the trash can icon on the left to delete it.  

Add Content

From the Insert sidebar on the right, you can select from a variety of layouts to add to your page. From here you can add a simple text box or image or include something from Google Drive. Google Sites also provides structured layout options including single image with text, multiple images with text, and more. Maps, table of contents, buttons, YouTube videos, and other options are also available.  Simply click on the layout or item you would like to insert to add it to your site. You can add multiple items and layout options to your page.

Insert page layout options

To edit a section or item once it has been inserted, hover over it to see the edit options. Use the Palette icon to change the color of a section or add a background image. Duplicate an entire section by selecting the Copy icon, or use the Trash Can icon to remove the section.

Edit a Section

To reorder or move a section, hover over the left side of the section until you see the cursor with the cross. Drag and drop the section above or below another section to reorder it. You may do this with any section or item on the page.

reorder a section using drag and drop