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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Adding and Editing Pages and Posts

Content in WordPress is created using Posts or PagesPosts are used to create articles or updates (the blog portion) to your site with the most recent post listed first (reverse-chronological order). Pages are static pages and are meant for "permanent content" like the Home and About pages. To create a page or post, click on the appropriate option from the Admin panel and then select the Add new page button or the Add New option from the sub-menu option. If you need to edit or view an existing page, click the three dots next to the page/post to show these options. 

Add or Edit a New Page option in WordPress 

Page Layouts

When you add a new page, you may see a variety of layout options. Here you can choose a layout from the list and then add your own content, or you can begin with a blank page and use the block editor to create your own layout design.

Pre-defined layout screen for pages in WordPress

Block Editor

Pages and Posts are designed using the WordPress Block Editor. To see all of the possible blocks available, click the blue + sign in the left corner.

Add a New Block in WordPress

Here you are given an extensive list of the different block items you can include on your site. You can insert paragraphs, code, images, galleries, grid layouts, and embed a variety of content from other sources.

To edit a block that has already been added, click on the block and the edit options for that particular block will appear. To learn more about the Block Editor in WordPress visit: 

Block Editor Edit Options in WordPress

Publishing a Page or Post

When you are happy with your page or post and are ready to publish it, you can select the Publish button in the top right corner of the page. (Note, if you have been assigned a role where this is not an option, then someone else will have to approve and publish the content for you. This tutorial assumes you have full admin privileges.) You may also Preview the page, Save Draft, or schedule a publication date for a later time by selecting the Immediately option next to Publish and choosing a date. 

Page publishing options in WordPress