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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Add New Pages

To add additional pages to your site, select the Pages option from the sidebar and choose the Plus icon at the bottom. This will allow you to create and name a new page.

Use the plus sign on the pages sidebar to create a new page

You can also duplicate a page. The contents and layout will transfer to the new page. You will need to update your text and images for the new page. To duplicate a page, select the triple dots next to the page you want to copy and select the Duplicate page option from the menu. Name your new page when prompted.

Duplicate a page

If you create a page and decide that you do not want it anymore, from the Pages sidebar, select the triple dots next to the page and click Delete.

Delete a page

Edit Navigation

From the Pages sidebar, you can reorder the pages in the navigation by dragging and dropping the pages. To create a sub-menu, drag and drop the page title directly on top of the parent page.  

reorder pages in navigation

To rename a navigation link, double-click on the name or select the Properties option from the menu. You can also choose to hide a page from the navigation by selecting the Hide from navigation option from the menu.

Hide from navigation

To change how the navigation looks on the page, choose General Settings by selecting the Gear icon from the top right. From here you can choose to display your menu on either the Top or Side

Change navigation appearance

You will be able to see changes to the navigation as you edit.