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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Getting Started with Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to create a website with easy to use drag and drop components. Once you've created your site, you can share it with others. Google Sites is also free to use.

The information provided here assumes you are using the newest version of Google Sites. For information on how to use, manage, and transition from Google's Classic Sites, please visit here for help. 

This guide will help you create an individual website, a group website, or contribute to a class project. For additional support, please consult the Google Sites Support Guide.

To access Google Sites go directly to and login with your Google credentials. If you are already in your Google drive, email, or another Google app, you can access Sites by selecting the Google apps icon in the top right corner and clicking the Sites option.

Locating Google Sites from the Top Menu

From here you can start a new site or you can open a recent site. If you are starting a new site you can start with a blank option or choose from one of the templates from the Template gallery.

Start a new site from the template gallery

To continue a project you've already started, select it from the Recent sites section. If you are working on a group or class project, you can access any site that is shared with you within the Recent sites area.  

Recent sites on Google Sites

Simply click on the site you would like to edit to open it.