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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Add Members

If you would like to invite others to edit your site, click the Share with others icon at the top. Here you can add individuals or groups to participate in your project.

Share with others


Under Share with people and groups, enter the email addresses of those you would like to include and select the Editor option. You may add a personalized message here as well. Click Send.

Editors will receive an email invitation notifying them that they have been added as an Editor to the site. Users without a Tmail or Gmail account will be able to view the draft of the site, but will be unable to edit it.

Invite editors to Google Sites

Editor Best Practices

If someone else owns a site and invites you to be an Editor, you will receive an email invitation and be able to access the site within the Recent sites area. You may want to select the Not owned by me option to find the site more quickly.

Recent sites in Google Sites not owned by me

If you are editing someone else's site or participating in a group or class project, realize that you can see and edit all content, and other editors can see and edit your content. Only edit your own content or content that you have been asked to review and edit. DO NOT DELETE anyone else's work and do not publish the contents of the site unless you are the owner. The owner of the site will review and publish changes. If you accidentally make a mistake or remove items, please notify the owner of the site immediately.

Also, it's always a good idea to save a copy of your content (text and images) in another document so that if anything happens, you can recreate a page quickly.