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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Adding Content from Google Drive

You can add images, audio, video, documents and other files from your Google Drive into your site. In order for others to see this content the permissions need to be set in the Google Drive. If all of your files are in one folder you can just change the permissions for the entire folder. If they are scattered, you'll have to do this step for each file you would like to include. To change permissions, right click on the folder/file and select Share. Then on the next menu click on the Get link icon/area and it should open up the different permissions available. From here choose Anyone with a link for your content to show on your site.

right click on a folder or file and select share


Share Google files and folders with people and groups pop-up screen

You should always check your site in another browser where you are not logged into your Google account to make sure all of your content is visible.