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Creating Websites

Learn to create websites using Google Sites and WordPress

Choose a Template

To create a new site, you can start with a blank template or use one of the templates that Google Sites provides. There are template options for clubs, projects, portfolios, events and small businesses. There are also free and paid templates available to download outside of Google Sites. Templates provide a look, feel and structure for your site.  For example, the Project template comes with four pages and various sections with place-holders for content and images. To use a template, replace the text and images with your own content.

Projects Template sample within Google Sites


For this tutorial, we'll create a new site using the blank template option.

Name and Give Your Site a Title

Once in the editor, there are several things you need to set up. First, be sure to name your site where it says Enter Site Name in the top left.

Change the name of the site


Click on the Your Page Title text at the top and give your page a title. You may use the pop-up options to further style your text.

Edit the title of the Google Sites page

Add a Logo

If you would like to add a custom logo to your site, you can click the title in the upper left corner to open the Settings. Here you can add a logo.  If you would prefer to have a logo without the text, delete the text that is there. Even though "Enter site name" will still show while you are editing, when you publish your site, viewers will not be able to see this.

Add a logo to Google Sites

Pick a Theme

Google Sites offers a variety of themes from which to choose. Each theme offers color choices and a few font variations as well. A theme provides a consistent look and feel throughout your site. You can change the theme settings at anytime.

Theme options with colors and themes