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Special Collections and Archives

A guide to the Special Collections and Archives located in Coates Library.

Presidents of Trinity University

1869-1877     Dr. W.E. Beeson, D.D.

1877-1878     Colonel R. W. Pittman, A.M. (Acting President)

1878-1882     Dr. W.E. Beeson, D.D.

1882-1883     Rev. S. T. Anderson, Ph.D. (Acting President)

1883-1885     Rev. B. G. McLeskey, D.D.

1885-1887     Rev. L. A. Johnson, A.M. (President Pro Tem)

1887-1889     Rev. L. A. Johnson, A.M.

1889-1890     Rev. J. L. Dickens, Ph.D.

1890-1896     Rev. B. D. Cockrill, A.M.

1896-1900     Rev. L. A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Chairman of the Faculty)

1900-1901     Dr. S. L. Hornbeak (Chairman of the Faculty)

1901-1902     Rev. Jesse Anderson, Ph.D.

1902-1904     Rev. L. C. Kirkes, A.M.

1904-1907     A. E. Turner, Sc.D., LL.D.

1907-1908     L. E. Wear, A. B. (Dean)

1908-1920     Dr. S. L. Hornbeak, Ph.D., LL.D.

1920-1933     Rev. J. H. Burma, D.D.

1933-1935     Paul J. Schwab, Ph.D. (Chairman of the Faculty)

1935-1937     H. H. Leach, Ph.D.

1937-1942     Frank L. Wear, D.D.

1942-1950     Monroe G. Everett, D.D.

1950-1951     M. B. Thomas, Ph.D (Acting President)

1951-1970     James W. Laurie, D.D., M.A.

1970-1976     Duncan G. Wimpress, Ph.D.

1976-1979     M. Bruce Thomas (Acting President)

1979-1999     Ronald K. Calgaard, Ph.D.

1999-2010     John R. Brazil, Ph.D.

2010-2015     Dennis A. Ahlburg, Ph.D.

2015-            Danny J. Anderson, Ph.D.