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Special Collections and Archives

A guide to the Special Collections and Archives located in Coates Library.

Using Preservica to Search the Trinitonian & Mirage

Preservica is the online platform that we use to host digitized copies of the Trinitonian (Trinity's student newspaper), the Mirage (Trinity's annual yearbook), the annual Course of Study Bulletin, and the On Trinity Hill daily newsletter. These publications can be searched by clicking this link. The tutorial below contains detailed instructions on using Preservica to access these resources. 

Getting Started

Preservica banner image

Click the image above to access Preservica. These directions were written using a Windows operating system on a desktop computer. We do not recommend using a tablet or mobile phone to access this database. 

Currently, Preservica is used to store digital copies of campus publications like the Trinitonian and Mirage; it will also be used as a preservation service and access point for other documents from university history. Additions to the site are ongoing. 

Keyword Searching

Preservica is designed for keyword searching. Simply click on the magnifying glass  in the top right hand corner, then enter the keyword you wish to search for (such as LeeRoy or tennis). Search for exact phrases using quotation marks (such as "Coates Library"). 

Click on the thumbnails to view your results. 

To search within a page for your search term, use the search feature for the embedded Adobe Reader to highlight where it appears within the text: 

Screen shot of Preservica file

Browsing Full Issues

To browse a specific issue, select the publication (Trinitonian, Mirage, or Course of Study Bulletin) from the thumbnail folders. Items are organized in folders by decade, then year. 

Items in Preservica can be identified by their filename. For example: 

Screenshot of Preservica files

The "tri" prefix (outlined in blue) indicates this is an issue of the Trinitonian; the date 1971-07-23 (underlined) indicates this issue is from July 23, 1971. The final number (outlined in red) indicates the page number. 

Each publication in Preservica uses a different prefix:
         tri = Trinitonian
         tmr = Mirage
         bul = Course of Study Bulletin
         oth = On Trinity Hill newsletter

Downloading Results

Preservica makes it easy to save or share PDF copies of your search results to your device. Click on the cloud icon on the right hand side of your screen to download; there are also options to share the item via email or social media. 

Screenshot of download button