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Access to newspapers, including activation instructions for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Economist, Financial Times, and the New York Times

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Coates Library has a site license that provides current access to all Chronicle articles whether on or off campus.

Access is available to faculty, staff, and current students.  


How Do I Access?

There are two ways to access content:

1. Click on the link below. You may be asked to authenticate by using your Trinity network login.


2. Create an account at

Click "Sign in" then "Sign up" and create an account using your Trinity email address only. 

You will receive an email to confirm your account. Follow the directions in that email to create your password and activate your account.


When accessing the Chronicle, look for the  "Site license access provided by Trinity University" logo on the top left to let you know that you are connected to the Trinity University subscription.