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Trinity University's Sexual Health Resource Guide

This guide provides sex-related and sex-educational resources for students. It is usually updated every year during Trinity's Sex Week.

Finding a Sexual Health and Sexuality Counselor or Therapist

Talking candidly about sex can be difficult for many people, and talking about sexual health or sexuality questions or problems can be even harder. You may already have a primary care physician, an ob-gyn, or even a usual therapist, but maybe you want to talk with someone with specific training and expertise in issues including (but not limited to) sexuality (or asexuality), sexual performance, low or high libido, trouble orgasming, painful sex, sexual kinks, developing a sex-positive mindset, processing sex- or sexuality-related trauma, lack of pleasure with sex, coping with an STI or STD, or just want to talk through relationship issues related to sex. 

A sex therapist is a trained professional who focus specifically on human sexuality and healthy sexual behavior, and who can offer compassionate, research-backed help while addressing the full range of pertinent psychological, physiological, and cultural factors in play. 

Unfortunately, most states do not regulate who can call themselves a sex therapist, so it is important to pay close attention to credentials. Technically, in most states, anyone can call themselves a "sex therapist." There are many different paths people can take to becoming a legitimate sex therapist. A sex therapist might be a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a social worker, a family therapist, or maybe a doctor or nurse who has both trained in psychotherapy and who has gone on to get specialized training in sexuality and sexual functioning, intimacy, and relationships.

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists ( offers certification and continuing education courses to certified sex therapists. Learn more by visiting, where they also offer a "find a professional" directory. Please find other directories at the links below.

I, Alex Gallin-Parisi, do not endorse any of the professionals listed in these directories, and I am only providing the links to help educate and support student and staff interests in learning more about sexual health. Resources are listed in alphabetic order.