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Trinity University's Sexual Health Resource Guide

This guide provides sex-related and sex-educational resources for students. It is usually updated every year during Trinity's Sex Week.

You can learn more about sex, sexuality, and gender in these courses:

Check the Courses of Study Bulletin at to search for additional courses.

ANTH/SOCI 3329: Sexuality and Society

ANTH/SOCI 3428: Gender Transgressions

ARTH 3392: Women's Studies in Art History: Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Italy

BIOL 3420: Animal Behavior

CLAS 1307/HIST 1311: Gender and Identity in the Ancient World

CLAS 3311: Antiquity and Diversity in Contemporary Literature

CLAS 3405: Antiquity and Modernity

COMM 3357/SPMT 3317: Sport Media

ENGL 3480: The Modern Novel

ENGL 4320: Studies in Early Modern British Literature

GRST 3315: Decadence: German Literature Around 1900

HCOM 4340: Gender and Human Communication

HIST 3400: Gender Matters in African History

HIST 3431: History of Sexuality in Modern Europe

HUMA 3401: The History of Sexuality: Sex and Gender in Modernity

INTL 3316-70: Gender, Race, and Healthcare in Cuba (study abroad in Cuba)

LAC 3101: Mujeres Cineastas de España y Las Américas

PHIL 3454: Philosophy of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

PLSI 3445: Gender Perspectives in International Politics

RELI 1320: Ethical Issues in Religious Perspective

RELI 3401: Gender and Religion

RELI 3445: Islam, Gender, and Power

RELI 3480: United States Latino Religious Practices and Traditions

SPAN 4349: Sexualities in Literature and Film

SOCI 2306: Introduction to Social Psychology

SOCI 2311: Sociology of Gender

SOCI 2335: The Sociological Imagination

THTR 3311: History of Dress and Style

WAGS 2310: Introduction to Women's Studies

WAGS 2350: Introduction to Feminist Theory

WAGS 2351: Introduction to Queer Studies

WAGS 2352: Introduction to Gender Studies

WAGS 3401: The History of Sexuality