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Trinity University's Sexual Health Resource Guide

This guide provides sex-related and sex-educational resources for students. It is usually updated every year during Trinity's Sex Week.

This is a guide to various information resources through Coates Library and the free-web that may be of interest to you related to sex.

As such, this guide links to books, websites, podcasts, and other resources that are about sex, mention the existence of sex, and discuss aspects, issues, questions, and information related to sex.

It's about sex, people. No surprises here. This is your warning: SEX-RELATED RESOURCES AHEAD.

This guide is not to be perceived as or relied on in any way as medical advice, mental health advice, or sexual health advice. The information provided in this information resource guide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you or someone you care about need to talk about sex, have questions about sex, or have experienced sexual abuse or misconduct, please seek out appropriate resources (for example: a trustworthy friend, Counseling Services, TUPD, SAPD, staff in Student Life, or a faculty member). 

OK. Those are the disclaimers. Let's talk about sex, baby!