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Brief overview of the research tool, ResearchRabbit

Explore Authors

  • Exploring Authors Network Graph:
    • Understand the network graph which focuses on exploring authors.
    • Shows co-authorship connections, not citations.
    • Helpful for discovering related authors and potential collaborators.
  • "These Authors" Section:
    • Displays co-authorship networks of authors in your collection.
  • "Suggested Authors" Section:
    • Expands beyond your collection, still showcasing co-authorship networks.
  • Graph Details:
    • Edges are non-directional but weighted based on collaboration frequency.
    • Thicker edges represent more frequent collaborations.
    • Node size indicates the number of connections.
  • Identifying Authors:
    • Identify influential authors not in your collection but connected to it.
    • Example: Paul Wouters and Vincent Lariviere.
  • Navigation:
    • Selecting an author opens a panel to view their published work or generate a co-authorship network.

Authorship Network Example

Example of authorship network graph, featuring a series of red nodes connected by gray edges of varying thickness