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Brief overview of the research tool, ResearchRabbit

Starting a Collection

1. Log in to your account.
2. Access the search bar or select "New Collection" from the left menu.
3. Choose between "Biomedical & Life Sciences" (NIH) and "All Subjects" (Semantic Scholar) using the slider.
5. Review search results and select papers of interest.
6. Add selected papers to your collection.
7. Proceed to the "Explore Papers" tab of this guide.

1. Select "Connect Zotero" from the left menu or under the search bar.
2. Log in to Zotero using your credentials.
3. Review permissions requested by Zotero and select "Save Key" to continue integration.
4. Once integrated, "Connect Zotero" changes to "Import Zotero Collection."
5. Choose the Zotero collection you want to import and select "Start Sync."
6. Resolve any discrepancies between Zotero and ResearchRabbit's database.
7. Proceed to the "Explore Papers" tab of this guide.

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