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Brief overview of the research tool, ResearchRabbit

Explore Papers

Once you've selected some papers, you can select one of the Explore Papers options (Earlier Work, Later Work, or Similar Work) and you'll be able to see a graph and additional features. 

  • Understanding the Network Graph:
    • Edges are directional, indicating citation direction.
    • "Earlier Work" is akin to exploring the references of your selected papers.
    • "Later Work" resembles exploring the papers that cite your papers.
    • "Similar Work" involves topic modeling and ranking based on citation information.
    • Not all references are included; algorithm prioritizes closely related works.
  • Additional Details:
    • Node Size:
      • Green nodes larger than blue ones.
      • Size could be influenced by the number of connections.
      • Blue node size depends on connections to green nodes.
    • Node Color Intensity:
      • Darker color indicates more recent items.
    • Selecting a paper reveals details like title, authors, year, citations, and abstract.
    • Add selected papers to your collection if helpful.
    • Exploration process can continue; new graphs adjust with added papers.