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Zotero Citation Management Tool

A citation management tool helps you keep track of and organize various references for a paper or project. It also helps you to quickly create citations for your resources in a selected format (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.)

Creating a Group

Zotero allows for the creation of groups so you can share your collections, or collaborate with others. Groups may be set to public, closed public, or private. You can invite as many members to a group as you want. There is no limit to the number of members you may invite in Zotero.

To create a new group, click on the New Library icon and choose the New Group option from the dropdown menu in Zotero desktop,

Create a New Group in Zotero Desktop

or  select the Groups tab and click on the Create a New Group option using your account.

Create New Group tab in Zotero

If you haven't signed up for an online Zotero account, you will need to do so before you are able to create a group.

Next, name your group and choose whether you want it to be one of the following:

  • Public –Anyone can view the group online and join the group instantly.
  • Public, Closed – Anyone can view the group online, but members have to apply to be invited.
  • Private – Only invited members can view the group online.

Choose a name for your group and select the group type. Click the Create Group button.

From here you'll be taken to the settings options where you can decide how you want the group members to interact with the collection. You can select how items can be viewed or edited by members. For private groups you can select how members work with files stored in the group.

Group Settings in Zotero

To add members to the group select the Group Members option and click the Send More Invitations button at the bottom of the page. To invite members add email addresses separated by commas and click the Invite Members button. Members will be notified via email with information about the group and instructions on how to accept or decline the invitation.

invite members to a zotero group

Adding Items to a Group

The easiest way to interact with a group is to enable data syncing in your desktop app. Be sure to select the sync icon in the right corner of the app to make sure you have the latest items from the group.

sync icon in zotero desktop

Once you have done this, your groups should be visible in the left pane. 

Group in Left Pane in Zotero

If you have permission to add items, you can drag and drop items from your library into the group.  Please note that items that are dragged into the group from your library become separate copies, and changes that are made in the group will not show in your own library and vice versa.

You can also add items to the group directly from your Zotero Connector icon in your browser by selecting the More option, and navigating to the group. 

Selecting more from the zotero connector

To create a new collection in the library, right click the library name and select the New Collection option and name the collection.

Creating a New Collection for a Zotero Library

For more information about using groups in Zotero, consult the Zotero Documentation on Groups.