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Social Science Research Skills

This LibGuide is intended to support students' work on literature reviews for courses in Sociology/Anthropology and Political Science.

How to search within a specific journal (instead of a database), Part 1

Sometimes you will want to search within a certain journal (e.g., Gender & Society) instead of within a database (e.g., SocIndex) that covers dozens or even hundreds of journals.

Screenshot of Library homepage to show where to find "Journals"

If you discover an article you'd like to use in your research, you might try to search for other articles published within that same journal. Additionally, you can ask your professor or librarian for journals they would recommend for finding relevant sources for your topic. 

To search within a specific journal, go to the Research Tools tab and select Journals from the drop-down menu, as shown in the image above.

Then use the one-minute video tutorial below to walk you through the steps of searching within a journal.