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Tech Tools and Tips

This guide provides an overview of a variety of tools for creating and editing video, audio and print materials. In addition, tools to help with research and organization are also included. Check back periodically for updates.

Working with Cards in Trello

Adding Content to Cards

Clicking on the title of the card opens up the “back” of the card. Here you can assign members, add color labels, insert a checklist of tasks associated with the card, add a due date or insert an attachment. You may also add a description for the card and add a comment to the card. An activity list is kept for each card.

Back of a card in Trello

Adding Members & Labels

To assign a member from the board to the card, select the Members option and select or search for a member. To add a label, select the Label option and pick a label color or predefined label. From this menu you may edit existing colors or create a new label and assign it. Information will be displayed on the front of the card.

Adding labels and members to a card in Trello

Adding a Due Date

To add a Due Date, select the option on the card and a calendar will open. Select the date for the task and click Save. The date will appear on the front of the card.

Adding a due date to a card in Trello

Adding a Checklist

If you would like to add a checklist for a card, select the Checklist option and type in the list of items you would like to associate with the card. Each checklist comes with a progress bar and when items are checked off, you can see the progress on the front of the card.

Adding a checklist to a card in Trello

Attaching a Document

Select the Attachment option and a window will open and allow you to attach files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive Account. You can also attach a link here as well.

For the free account, attachments are limited to 10MB each.

Adding an attachment to a card in Trello