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Tech Tools and Tips

This guide provides an overview of a variety of tools for creating and editing video, audio and print materials. In addition, tools to help with research and organization are also included. Check back periodically for updates.


Welcome to Tech Tools and Tips! 

  • You've been asked to create a project using some form of media (video, audio, or a website). This guide will share software options for your various project types. Links to product websites have user guides or step-by-step tutorials. 
  • Email me or Book an appointment if you need assistance. 

Video Editing Tools


This is a free web-based tool; create a free account to sign in and save your work.


For Mac users this is an excellent option for video editing. You may import and enhance video clips, images, and audio. You can also directly record voice-overs. You may also add text and transitions.

The official iMovie Getting Started guide will walk you through the basics of getting started with iMovie.

Please note that while a version of iMovie is available for iPhones and iPads, that version is not as robust and will not allow you to edit movies in the same way.


A web-based tool, Vimeo is a great user-friendly tool for free video creation.


Free version for creating video stories and projects.

Include pre-drawn cartoon figures, various types of animation in your project, and more. The final version of your project can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or linked directly from PowToon.

Please visit the PowToon Quick Start Guide for more information about using PowToon.

Edit Videos

If you need something more robust to edit videos, you may want to consider a free option that can be downloaded to your computer. Both DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks are free to download and use on your personal computer. Both require that you register your free copy. Lightworks works for seven days without registration.

Moodboards & Storyboards


  • Compile images, organize colors and objects, and general inspiration ideas for your project. Moodboards are also a great way to share your ideas with others.

  • A free online tool and requires no signup or registration.

  • To get started, simply click on a blank board or use one of the other templates to get started. You can click the Save & Publish button to share your moodboard with others.

  • Copy the share link to send it to others and be sure to save it or bookmark it if you want to come back to view it or edit it later.


  • Gather images, websites, and inspiration.

  • To use Pinterest to create a moodboard, sign up for a free account, create a new board, and go to websites where you find inspiration and either use the "Pin It" button that many websites use or copy the link into Pinterest.

  • For more information about how to "Pin" items, refer to the Pinterest help guide.


  • Create a free account and customize your project in a variety of templates. This tool allows you to share a Padlet board with others for collaboration. 



  • Online digital storytelling solution.

  • The free version allows you to create up to two storyboards per week. You can choose from thousands of illustrations to set up a 3 or 6-cell storyboard.

  • Free version does not allow you to upload your own photos.