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Tech Tools and Tips

This guide provides an overview of a variety of tools for creating and editing video, audio and print materials. In addition, tools to help with research and organization are also included. Check back periodically for updates.

Adding Images and Websites to Trello

Copying Images

To copy an image from a webpage, drag it from one browser tab over to the Trello browser tab and drop it into a Trello list, and it will create a new card. You may also drop it into an existing card, and the image attachment will be added to that card. (*Note that some websites don't allow "hotlinking" to their images and this technique may not work with every website.)

Dragging an Image into Trello

You can also right-click an image on a page, select the Copy Image option, come back to Trello and select Ctrl+V (Windows) Cmd + V (Mac) and the item will appear on your Trello board. 

Copying a Website

To copy a website, highlight the address of the site, and click and drag it over to the Trello browser tab. Locate a list or card where you would like it to appear and “drop” the link there. Sometimes sites will import a thumbnail image along with the site link.

Copying a website to Trello