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HCOM1323/THTR1306: Oral Interpretation of Literature

Browse for a Short Story or Poem by Subject

Maybe you can't think of a specific author whose work you would want to select for an assignment in this course. That's ok! Instead, search for texts based on a particular subject.

So, what subject?  Since it is likely that you will be presenting this text orally and since your personal interest in the subject matter will make the work and presentation more effective overall, consider searching for stories or poems on subjects that interest you. Maybe, you are even passionate about these subjects.  For example, someone who loves to play tennis might look for texts about tennis or tennis players.  Maybe you are interested in environmental issues or texts about going to college.  

Using the Short Story Index and Retrospective and Columbia Granger's World of Poetry (links below), play with keywords to locate stories and poems on these subjects. Then, use the library catalog to find the text in our library. If you need help, be certain to contact your librarian.

Online Resources/Databases for Finding Literary Texts