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HCOM1323/THTR1306: Oral Interpretation of Literature

Finding Literary Texts for Oral Interpretation

For several assignments in your "Oral Interpretation of Literature" course, you will be asked to locate texts for presentation in class. Depending on the assignment, you may be asked to find texts in printed books.  In some cases, electronic sources may be appropriate. 

This guide offers suggestions for (1) finding literary texts (specifically, short stories and poems) by author and (2) finding literary texts by subject.  

Why find texts in printed books?

Many important, evocative, and inspiring texts are available in printed books. Sometimes you can find these texts online, but many texts are still regulated by copyright and will only be found in a print source.  Why limit yourself? The assignments in this class requiring print text not only will help you to keep in practice with using the physical resources in our library, but also will encourage you to use the wealth of resources that are not available online.