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Omeka 101

Getting started with the Omeka exhibit platform

Copyright Information

Items used in Omeka exhibits should be in full compliance with United States copyright law. 

What you can use:

  • Items in the public domain (generally, published in the United States before 1923 or published by the government). 
    • Example: An excerpt from a 19th century novel can be included, regardless of length. 
  • Items where another individual or corporation owns the copyright, but has granted permission in writing to have it reproduced in your digital exhibit.
    • Example: A video clip that appeared on a local news station could be included if you requested and received permission from the station to reproduce it. 
  • Items published with a Creative Commons license. These licenses allow for the reuse of a work, with limitations on how it is used (such as prohibitions on commercial usage). 
    • Example: An audio file from the site ccMixter is CC BY-NC, a designation which allows for use in non-commercial works with attribution. 
  • Items that you created. 
    • Example: A photograph that you took of a building. 

Copyright is tricky, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Contact Jason Hardin, the University Copyright Officer ( or any subject librarian if you need assistance determining the copyright status of material you wish to use.