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Omeka 101

Getting started with the Omeka exhibit platform

What is Omeka?

Omeka is an open-source web publishing platform that can be used to create digital exhibits. The platform is easy to use, and requires no programming knowledge, making it ideal for student projects. This guide will help users navigate the basics of using Omeka, including creating an account, adding items, creating exhibits, and enhancing projects with outside tools. 

Is Omeka right for me?

Omeka was designed for use by museum, library, and archives professionals, and emphasizes creating robust metadata (descriptive information) for individual items. If you do not need to create metadata for your exhibit purposes, you might consider using Google Sites to create your exhibit (see our guide for creating a Google Site here). 

The library can provide support and/or hosting for class exhibits using Omeka. For individual student and faculty projects, a free trial account on usually provides sufficient functionality. Please contact the library if you need help determining which option is best for you.