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RELI 2355/3354 The New Testament

Suggested strategies and sources for finding commentaries and other critical works on New Testament texts.

Catalog Subject Headings

Some starting ideas:

To search for New Testament commentaries or criticism in our catalog, use the following method:

First, search the catalog using a Subject at this link;

then enter your search like this example:

Bible. N.T. Mark


Bible. Mark. (this is the newest form, but there may be books under both forms of the subject phrase)

and browse the entries for both Commentaries and Criticism.

Note especially that you should browse down the list of subject terms to find any books on shorter pieces of your Biblical book, such as

Bible. N.T. Mark XIII  or  Bible. Mark XIII

You may also find it useful, after selecting a subject heading and getting a list of books, to sort the results by date (newest first).

Note that most of the scholarly books about Biblical books will be shelved together and readily browsable.

Keyword Searches

If you try keyword searching, keep searches to just two or three keywords; too many keywords give zero results (you're searching a limited number of words, not the full text of the books):

bible romans christ

paul apostle marriage

Use the catalog truncation symbol * after the root of a word to search for any of its forms:

apocalyp*   retrieves apocalypse, apocalyptic, apocalypticism

When you find a useful book, check the subject headings in the catalog entry and click on any of them that look useful.