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Library Collections

Gift Policy

Coates Library appreciates and accepts gifts of materials that enhance and deepen our collections and support the curriculum. The library evaluates donations for the general collection with the same guidelines used for purchased materials; therefore we may decline to accept those items which are not in the scope of our collections or that duplicate existing material.


The library accepts gifts with the understanding that they become the property of the library. The library may dispose of the unaccepted materials in a variety of different ways including: donating to another library, resale through Better World Books/Sustainable Shelves, recycling, or discarding.

Gift Acknowledgment and Valuation

When donations are accepted, donors may request to receive a letter signed by the University Librarian acknowledging their gift. This letter can be used to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving. Appraisal of gifts is the sole responsibility of the donor. The library will not appraise donated items. The donor is responsible for obtaining an appraisal of the gift for tax purposes. 


Upon request, gifts placed in the library will be identified with a digital/physical donor gift plate.

Large Gifts

In the case of large gifts, donors will be asked to provide funds to support processing and cataloging. If funds are unavailable, the library may direct donors to alternative options for donation.

Gift Agreement Form

Prior to donating, you may be asked to complete our gift agreement form. This form records the details of your gift for our records.

Questions? Contact:

  • Jane Costanza, Head of Resource Management, 210-999-7612 (
  • Benjamin Harris, Interim University Librarian, 210-999-7429 ( 

Alternate Options for Selling/Donating Books

Better World Books is an online used bookstore. Unsold books are donated to developing countries. 

Half Price Books is a used bookstore in San Antonio with multiple locations.

San Antonio Public Library

Internet Archive

Donation Alternatives from ALA

The Salvation Army and Goodwill 

Monetary Gifts

The Coates Library receives significant support from the university's general fund.  Monetary gifts directed to the general fund may be designated for the library.  All donations of this type are appreciatively acknowledged. 

Those who wish the library to add a book or other item in honor of or in memory of an individual should send a check to the Trinity University Department of Alumni Relations and Development, payable to Trinity University.  We will select a title to add to the library.  You may request a general subject area from which a book will be selected. The materials purchased may be identified with a digital gift plate, if requested, and included in the library catalog. 

While there is no monetary minimum for general fund donations on behalf of the Coates Library, the average cost of a book exceeds $80.00.  The library tries to match donation amount to price of materials.