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MAS Trinity Summer Research

This guide provides a centralized space of resources for the MAS summer research project.

Audio Visual Material

Audio Recordings:

  • Gutierrez, Jose Angel - “La Raza Unida Party,” October 10, 1972
  • Icaza, Jorge - Latin American Studies Lecture,  September 27, 1972 Zea, Leopoldo, Latin American Studies Lecture, December 1, 1971 Chaney, Elsa - "Women and Change in Latin America," October 25, 1973
  • Orrego-Salas, Juan A. - "Poetics and Magic in Latin-American Music," April 28, 1987
  • De Leon, Gerardo - "San Antonio and Monterrey, United by History" Ellison, Fred P., Latin American Studies Lecture"
  • A. Filho, A Brazilian Novelist at the Alamo: Brazil's New Novel"
  • Houze, Robert A. - Texas Consortium for Microfilming Mexican Archival Resources Meeting; Pan American University; Edinburg, Texas; Part I and II
  • Morales, Dan; Commencement Address, Spring 1993
  • Bernal, M.E.; Musquiz, V.; Huantes, M.; Ortiz, C.; "Mexican American Women: Some Perspectives"


Digitized Film and Video: 

Oral History Collections

Area oral history projects: