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MAS Trinity Summer Research

This guide provides a centralized space of resources for the MAS summer research project.

Archival Collections

The following collections contain potentially relevant information to your research topics.  To view additional collections in our archives please visit our archival guides site  Material listed is not exhaustive of what we have available.  Contact us at with any research questions.

Campus and Community Involvement Office Files

Files of Note:

  • TACS - Trinity Association of Chicano Students
  • TAHS - Trinity Association of Hispanic Students
  • College Democrats
  • International (Relations) Club
  • Las ALAS
  • Latino Exchange
  • Student Civil Liberties Union of Trinity
  • Students Interrelation Club
  • Trinity Towne Club
  • Trinity University Latin American Assistance Forum
  • Urban Studies Student Association

Latin American Studies Program - The Latin American Studies Program began in 1966 and last until the late 1970s.  This collection contains documentation on the creation of the program major, some committee meeting minutes, correspondence with lecturers and print materials from events.

Monroe G. Everett Records - Monroe G. Everett was Trinity president from 1942-1950. Everett led the transition to San Antonio and merger with the University of San Antonio.  Material includes correspondence and documents related to the operations of the university.

Public Relations Subject Files - Files related to various campus departments, programs, and events.

Robert Hunter Papers - Robert Hunter was a political science professor with a focus on Central and South American political studies.  He was also advisor to the Young Democrats and was involved in community issues, specifically the Action for Community Development group.

San Antonio Female College Collection - What would eventually become the University of San Antonio, the San Antonio Female College was a Methodist institution which was founded in the 1890s.  Trinity merged with this school in 1942.  This collection includes a bulletin for the Wesleyan Institute, a related boarding school for young Mexican and Mexican American boys.

Student Organizations Collection

Files of Note:

  • Town Club, 1971-1972
  • Trinity Association for Chicano Students, 1971
  • Trinity Association of Hispanic Students, 1981-1982
  • Urban Studies Student Association, 1975
  • Veterans Club, 1971
  • Young Democrats, 1970-1971

Tomás Rivera Center - The Texas office of the Tomás River Center was housed at Trinity University from 1988-1996.

Trinity University Language School Summer Program - Trinity University held a summer language school in Mexico through out the 1940s after the university moved to San Antonio.  This collection contains course bulletins related to the program.  Additional material may be found in the Woodlawn Collection.