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HIST 3469: U.S. Foreign Relations


Let's get ready for your class's library day! First, watch the quick video below: 

Pre-Class Homework

Before class, spend at least 20 minutes exploring the digital collections linked below. These links are all to digital copies of materials that can be found in the Coates Library Special Collections & Archives. Please be sure to spend time looking at each one of the digital collections. 

After you have poked around, choose one item that you find especially interesting. It does not have to be related to your paper topic--just something that catches your interest! 

Spend some time examining your item in depth. Think about: 
- Who created this item? Why?
- What was the intended audience? 
- What questions does the item make you wonder?
- What is a research topic where you could use this item? 

Go to If you've never used Padlet before, it's like a shared bulletin board where you can share ideas with your classmates. You do not need to sign in or create an account. 

  • Click the + in the lower right hand corner, or double click on the board to create a new post. 
  • For "Title," put your name. 
  • In your post, share a screenshot or a link to the item that you spent time examining, and share a potential research topic where a historian could use this item. I've made an example post to get you started. 
  • You can like or comment on your classmates' posts. 

Please be prepared to share your chosen item with your classmates during our Zoom session. If you have any trouble accessing the digital collections or using Padlet, email me at 

Links to Coates Library Digital Collections