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HIST 3468: Public History

A helpful guide to the resources needed to create your Omeka exhibit

Visiting Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives houses library materials which are especially valuable or fragile and serves as the repository for the Trinity University Archives. Our collections include the C.W. Miller Collection, from which you will be drawing for your Omeka exhibit. 

Special Collections & Archives is typically open Monday through Wednesday, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. These hours may change without notice due to classes or staff availability. Appointments are not required during these hours, but are helpful to ensure the most efficient use of your time. Scheduling an appointment helps the staff prepare materials for your visit. Appointments can also be scheduled for weekday mornings by emailing 


During your visit...

When you visit the archives please be aware of a few basic guidelines for our reading room. 

  1.  Archival material and rare books are to be consulted only in the Reading Room and do not circulate.

  2. Coats, backpacks, purses, or any bags must be stored in the coat closet or lobby during your visit. Researchers may bring laptop computers into the Reading Room.

  3. Eating and drinking are not permitted.  

  4. To preserve our collections, materials must be handled with care at all times: do not lean on, write on, fold or handle materials  in a way that may damage them. Tracing is not permitted. Only pencils may be used in the Reading Room.

  5. Please remove only one folder from a box at a time and replace all materials in their original order. 

For more information on policies for Special Collections & Archives please see the Special Collections and Archives Guidelines for Use

C.W. Miller Collection - Digital Resources

Some items in the CW Miller Collection have already been digitized. High quality versions of these scans are available in the class Google Drive. 

If your assigned item is not listed above, that means that it has not yet been digitized. You can request scans of specific pages by filling out a form in the reading room, or scan items yourself using our overhead scanner (please bring a flash drive if you plan to do your own scanning). Please note that scan requests may be limited due to length or time restraints.