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HIST 3468: Public History

A helpful guide to the resources needed to create your Omeka exhibit

Visiting Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections & Archives houses library materials which are especially valuable or fragile and serves as the repository for the Trinity University Archives. Our collections include the papers of David Matias, from which you will be drawing for your Omeka exhibit. 

As part of the Trinity University campus closure, Special Collections is not open at this time. The collection can be viewed via Google Drive. If you have any questions about the archival materials that have been scanned, please email Special Collections Librarian Colleen Hoelscher at 

David Matias Papers

This collection contains manuscripts of poetry and plays written by David Matias, an alumnus of Trinity University who died of AIDS at an early age. Much of his work deals with issues of identity, coming out, and his illness. There are also three video recordings: a performance of one play, a poetry reading, and a guest lecture at a Harvard University class.