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Research Papers in Chemistry

Here are some approaches and sources for your research project.

Thinking about topics

A great way to discover topics worth researching is to review science news for the general public. Browse through science news to read about current research, see the different ways in which topics in chemistry are important to the public, and learn how advances in chemistry are reported.

Science news

Library resources

You can also try to find articles aimed at the informed lay person (from newspapers and publications such as Scientific American, Discover, etc.).‚Äč

Once you are comfortable with lay articles on the topic, look for review articles that are aimed at other scientists.  These will give you an good overview of the issues in the field.  You can search for review articles a number of ways including within a specific journal, within a database, or by searching review collections such as Annual Reviews.

Where can I learn more about my topic?

For quick, basic definitions and ideas to get you started, try Wikipedia.

For a more authoritative scientific encyclopedia that includes references, try Sage Reference Online (this is especially rich for topics related to environmental issues).