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PLSI 1301: U.S. and Texas Politics (Burke, 2021)

This is a research guide intended to assist you with the main journal assignment for Dr. John Burke's US/TX Politics course.

National Newspapers

Washington Resources

Regional Newspapers

It is important that you use regional/Texas newspapers for your journal and not rely only on the national publications. It is also important for you to learn how to find news from many different types of sources. A quick way to access numerous news sources (newspapers, local television transcripts, college newspapers, etc.) is via a database called "Access World News."

To access the newspapers below, please go to Access World News and click on "Houston Chronicle" or "San Antonio Express-News" or check out the "Texas News Sources" for about 300 other publications or news outlets.

Note that this database also contains blogs and other opinion/editorial pieces, so use your judgment and discretion when selecting your sources.

Texas Periodicals

Journals of Opinion

How to Find a Journal