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Ebooks Guide

Includes: Purchased books and those part of our demand-driven program

User Restrictions:  Varies by book; ranges from unlimited to one user at a time. Check the library catalog record or the ebook's detail page for specific information for that book

Software:  Adobe Digital Editions may be necessary to read or download the book. For help with ADE, click on the tab to the right 

Printing/Downloading:  For each book, there is a limit on the number of pages that can be printed/downloaded. For most books, the print/download limit is 40% of the book's pages. For example, if the book is 200 pages, you would be able to print up to 80 pages. The limit reset after 24 hours. See downloading guide



Ebook Central: Quick Tips

If you want to borrow the book for longer than 24 hours or if you want to read the book on an e-reader, you will need to download the book via Adobe Digital Editions.