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Sport in Society

Image Practice



Practice Time

In groups of 3-4, choose one of the other videos above and watch on mute or low volume for 60 seconds. Alternatively, if everyone in your group has attended or watched the same sport event in recent memory and you would like to use that as your example, go for it.

Then, follow the steps below and record your answers on this form (one per group). Be prepared to report out to the class as well!

  1. Note ONE observation or important detail from the event. Where would you locate that observation/detail in a sociological perspective? Think about relationships to social groups, social phenomena, social structures or institutions, etc (see first page of this guide for help).
  2. Using SportDiscus, SocIndex, or a library eBook, find an article that helps illuminate your understanding of that detail or observation and connect it to broader themes.
  3. Describe the connection between your observation and the analysis provided by the article.