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SPMT 1312: Sport in Society

Library Session Slides & Form

Library assignment

In groups of 2-3 people, choose one of the images below and complete the steps below. Groups will be asked to present your findings at the end of class.

  1. Observe the image and discuss the details of what you see with your group.
  2. Choose one observation or important detail to focus on.
  3. Categorize that observation as part of a broader social pattern. Think about how what you see may relate to social categories, social structures, social norms, etc.
  4. Develop a search strategy to search for relevant articles in at least TWO of the suggested databases
  5. Decide on a relevant scholarly article or book chapter.
  6. Read the abstract and/or skim the introduction and conclusion of the article.
  7. Be prepared to share your observation, thinking, and article with the class!


woman jumping to spike volleyball

baseball players standing on sidelines smiling after a play

Picture of Coco Gauff, tennis player