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Screening Films on Campus

This guide will list various methods to screen films on campus (both in-class or for the public).

In-Class Screenings

The Copyright Act at §110(1) allows for the screening of a film in a classroom with only enrolled students present. Also, the film must be related to the educational goals of the class.

In this case, you are able to check out one of our DVDs from the library to screen for your class. We have a large collection located at the back of the third floor. If you want us to purchase a DVD for our collection, please contact me. Note: Some DVDs may be out-of-print and unavailable for purchase.

Also, we provide access to some films for in-class screenings via streaming services (listed below).

Request a Digital Film Screening in Your Class (Trinity Faculty Only)

If you would like a film to be screened for your class (not a campus event screening), please fill out this form

Due to the wide ranging availability of films, we will not be able to accommodate every request. 

DVDs in the Library

Curated lists of DVDs from our collection:

Lists are not meant to be comprehensive. If you spot any errors, email me. 

Streaming Films

Note: Our agreement with Kanopy only includes a select amount of films. There is also an option to purchase temporary rights (1-year, 3-year, etc.) for other films outside of the main selection. If you find a film on Kanopy that you want for a class that is outside of the main selection, you can fill out the form on the page for that film. Including information on how long you expect to use the film is helpful. Some licenses can be prohibitively expensive so I cannot guarantee that we can fulfill every request.