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Screening Films on Campus

This guide will list various methods to screen films on campus (both in-class or for the public).

Public Performance Rights

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are needed to screen a film to the public. In order to obtain PPR, you will need to contact a licensing service (listed below). PPR fees can vary depending on some factors (numbers of screenings, size of audience, etc.) but generally cost between $200-$400 per screening.

If you want to screen a film for class, please go to the page on In-Class Screenings.

Licensing Services

Popular PPR licensing services:

If you cannot locate the film you want to screen from this list, feel free to contact me.

Netflix Documentaries

Some Netflix documentaries are available to screen without a PPR. More details can be found here. If you have any questions about a particular Netflix title, you can also contact me.

Public Domain Films

Films that are in the Public Domain are free to screen to the public. There are no comprehensive lists of public domain films, but you can usually determine the public domain status of a film via a quick Google search. Here are a couple reliable sources to help guide selection:

Note: A movie being hosted on or YouTube does not guarantee that film is under Public Domain.