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CLAS1309: Pirates, Merchants, and Marines: Seafaring in the Ancient Mediterranean

This guide is intended to assist students as they begin or continue projects related to this course in the Classical Studies department.

Need Help Citing Sources?

For this course, use the AJA citation style.  Several examples of common journal citations in AJA style are provided below.

Note that AJA style requires that you abbreviate the names of journals.

Citing Journal Articles in AJA Style

Journal Article (with journal in the AJA Abbreviations)

Piérart, M. 2006. “Travaux de l’École française d’Athénes en 2005: Argos. L’agora.” BCH 130:708–13.
1 Piérart 2006, 710–11.

Journal Article (with journal not in the AJA Abbreviations)

Goren, Y., and I. Segal. 1995. “On Early Myths and Formative Technologies: A Study of Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Sculptures and Modeled Skulls from Jericho.” Israel Journal of Chemistry 35:155–65.
1 Goren and Segal 1995, 161.

Journal with no volume number

Pichard, M.P. 1992. “La composition architecture des temples de Pagan.” CRAI:357–74.
1 Pichard 1992, 372–73.