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PLSI 3463: Masters of Suspicion

This is a guide to point you to the resources for your final paper. Your annotated bibliography will require at least ten sources - five primary and five secondary.

Finding Primary Sources

"Primary sources" refers to original works written by your chosen thinker.

Your primary sources will include material like:

  • books
  • book chapters
  • essays
  • scholarly articles published in journals
  • transcriptions of speeches
  • transcriptions of interviews

Keep in mind:

  1. Remember that you will be looking for works that your thinker wrote or created, not reviews, criticism, or explanations of your thinker's works.
  2. Often a simple way to find primary works you may find interesting is through reading some of the secondary sources about your thinker.
  3. When you are searching in a database for primary sources by your thinker, it can be helpful to select "author" (or AU) next to the search field. That way, you will only get results wherein the thinker is the author and not a secondary source that discusses the thinker.