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PLSI 3463: Masters of Suspicion

This is a guide to point you to the resources for your final paper. Your annotated bibliography will require at least ten sources - five primary and five secondary.

Assignment Description

From Dr. Peter O'Brien's assignment description, with emphasis added for what research will be required:

Write an extended essay (~4000 words) that explores, examines and assesses the philosophy of one of the authors listed on the syllabus for PLSI 3463. Your investigation must involve: 1) consideration of no fewer than four primary works by the elected author in addition to the one assigned in the syllabus; 2) consideration of no fewer than five secondary reviews, critiques, explications of “your” philosopher’s work by other writers; 3) clear discussion of how your primary and secondary sources relate to the central theme of PLSI 3463 [i.e., the (un)desirability/(in)feasibility of liberal democracy]; 4) an explanation of how and why you agree and/or disagree with “your” philosopher’s position regarding that central theme.