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SOCI / ANTH 3391-3: Food Justice (Cisneros)

This guide is intended to direct you to databases and other sources to find scholarly and popular references for your native seed project.


Assignment name: Native Seeds: Sowing Knowledge on Environmental Frameworks. A Multi-Step Assessment.

Project A
Students will develop a proposal recommending a native plants project. This proposal will allow students to create their own vision for sowing their native seeds in terms of apparatus, location, and place. This could be a range of ideas, including creating their own native wildflower garden near the dorms, to seed bombing in the Guerrilla Gardening effort. However, they are required to investigate the purpose, barriers, and support of their project.

Project B
Students will execute their step by step plan while also learning about qualitative research and reflec/xive frameworks. This includes receiving the permissions and materials needed. Students will take field notes of the events leading up to and of their seed sowing. There will also be media documentation of seed sowing process. They will then do memo-ing and reflections of their experiences during the sowing process. Their team will come together to write a short white paper wherein they will analyze their field notes.

This guide will direct you to sources you will need to complete your course assignment. During every phase of your assignment, going back to the relevant current literature is going to be important, especially in completing your literature review in Phase 3.