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Brain Support Toolkit

Assistive supports and technology for productivity and enhanced learning


Pomodoro Timers with structured breaks: Read more about them here

Pomodor - Recommended - Super simple web-based Pomodoro timer with customizable time lengths. 

FocusDoro - AI-enhanced Pomodoro timer that allows you to type in tasks and estimate time (that feature isn't always accurate) - An aesthetic Pomodoro timer that connects to Spotify, for those of us who need the right vibe. 

Visual Timers - It's not different from the timer that's already on your phone or device, but there's just something about seeing the chunk of color that signals to my brain that we have time.

Planners & To-Do - an ADHD necessity. It uses AI to break down your to do list into smaller tasks and estimate time, and it can turn a brainstorming mess of text into a list. 

Google Keep - The best Google tool, in my opinion. Color coordinate sticky notes with reminders and to do lists. I use it to house a dashboard with my daily, weekly, monthly, and semesterly tasks and reminders. 

Google Calendar - I know, there are more aesthetic digital planners out there, but Google Calendar is already connected to your Trinity email and is totally free to use. Change the color settings and make it cute. 

Habitica - Gamify your tasks

Sweepy - Turn your chores into a routine with reminders, and share those chore lists with others. 

Remember: The planner that works is the one you'll actually use. 

Here's what your librarians are currently using: 

Pen and paper - Writing things down is tried and true. Try to keep your lists together, rewriting a uncompleted task the next day can be a huge motivator to get it done. 

Notion - Highly customizable, almost too customizable. Only for advanced planners. 

Obsidian - Notion and Obsidian are very similar and super customizable. With so many options, they're not for the easily distracted! 

Trello - Particularly useful for sharing plans and lists with a team


If time management is a skill you want to work on, contact Academic Coaching and set up an appointment.