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University Archives - Transferring Records

This guide is for persons interested in transferring or donating material to the University Archives.

Transferring Files

Before you transfer, ensure: 

  • your file formats are either preferred or acceptable
  • you have named all of your files appropriately
  • you have created your manifests with as much description as possible

When you are ready to transfer files to the archives, email University Archivist Abra Schnur. She will work with you to confirm the preparation of files and set up the best transfer option. Digital content can be transferred to the archives in many different ways:

  • On physical storage media – (i.e. memory cards, hard drives, or USB drives)
  • Trinity server transfer: \\its-hardin.trinity.local\University Archives Digital Files Transfer Folder
  • Google Drive file hosting - This will allow donors/depositors to upload digital content for transfer. While user-friendly there may be issues around size limits and security.
  • Email – While this option is not recommended (issues of security apply and size limits are very small), it would be okay for a few, non-sensitive, files.
  • File transfer protocol – SCA will work with ITS to create an FTP for large external donations.

The last thing to do before transfer can occur is to fill out either a records transfer form or a deed of gift form, depending on the content type.