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HIST 3431: Early Medieval England

Searchable Bibliographies

Scholarly Articles in Full Text

Finding Full Text in EMB & BBIH

The EMB and BBIH bibliographies contain citations of full-text articles, and only sometimes link to the article externally. Whenever a full-text external link is unavailable, try these steps:

  • Search part of the article title in Google Scholar. Remember to add Coates/Trinity to your library links.
  • Search the title in Google using quotation marks to return exact matches. Add the file operator to search for PDFs in particular. You may be able to find "wild" copies, e.g., one published on an author's personal web page
    • Example: "pastoral care and rhetoric in early Anglo-Saxon letters to kings" file:.pdf
  • Search the title in the library's OneSearch mega-database
  • Submit an interlibrary loan request. It's easy! But keep your deadlines in mind. It takes time to fulfill requests.