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Theatre, Drama, and Performing Arts Subject Guide

This guide offers suggestions for conducting research related to the topics of theatre, drama, and the performing arts.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle.  REF ML 1711 B67 2001


Cambridge Guide to Theatre.  REF PN 2035 .C27 1995


Cambridge Guide to World Theatre.  REF PN 2035 C27 1993


Companion to the Medieval Theatre.   PN 2152 C66 1989


Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre.  REF ML 102 .M88 G3 2001


International Dictionary of Theatre.  REF PN 2035 I149 1992, 2 vols.


McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama.  REF PN 1625 M3 1984, 5 vols.


Oxford Companion to American Theatre. 3nd ed.  REF PN 2220 B6 2004


Oxford Companion to Theatre.  4th ed.  PN 2035 H3 1983


World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre.  REF PN 1861 .W67 1994

Literary Criticism of Drama

International Bibliography of Theatre, 1982-1987. REF (Compact Shelving) PN 1561 X2 I53
American Drama to 1900.   Z 1231 D7 M45

Bibliography of Medieval Drama. 2nd ed.  PN 2152  S8,  2 vols.

English Drama to 1660.  REF Z 2014 D7 P46

English Drama, 1660-1800.  REF Z 2014 D7 L55

English Drama and Theatre, 1800 - 1900.  REF Z 2014 D7 C72

English Drama, 1900 - 1950.  REF Z 2014 O7 M545

Medieval English Drama: An Annotated Bibliography of Recent Criticism.  REF Z 2014 D7 B43


Au, Susan.  Ballet and Modern Dance.  GV 1787 A79 2002

Bopp, Mary S. Research in Dance: A Guide to Resources.  REF 1594 B66 1994

Cohen-Stratyner, Barbara.  Biographical Dictionary of Dance.  GV 1785 A1 C58 1982

Encyclopedia of Dance & Ballet.   GV 1585 E53 1977b

International Dictionary of Ballet.  REF GV1585 I57 1993, 2 vols.

International Encyclopedia of Dance.  REF CF 1585 I58 2004, 5 vols.

Oxford Dictionary of Dance.  REF GV 1585 C78 2000

Costume and Make-Up Design

The Complete Make-up Artist:  working in film, fashions, television, and theatre. PN 2068 .D45 2003

A Bibliography of Theatre Technology. PN 2091 S8 H69 1982

Theatrical Costume: A Guide to Information Sources.PN 2067 K47 1979

Costumes and Chemistry: A Comprehensive Guide to Materials and Applications. PN 2067 .M67 2001

Fashion in Costume, 1200-2000. 2nd ed.  GT 580 N85 2000

Fashion and Costume in American Popular Culture: A Reference Guide(Ref) GT 605 O45 1996

Cutting for All!: The Sartorial Arts, Related Crafts, and the Commercial Paper Pattern  TT 520 S45 1996

Stage Scenery, Machinery and Lighting:  A Guide to Information Sources. PN 2091 S8 S79 1977

Theatre and Cinema Architecture: A Guide to Information Sources.(Ref) NA 6821 X2 S82 1978

Dictionary of Costume.  (Ref) GT 507 W5 1969


Annals of English Drama.   REF Z 2014 D7 H25

Annals of the New York Stage.  15v.   PN 2277 N5 O4

Best Plays.   PN 6112 B45 (annual)   

Chronological Outline of World Theatre.  REF PN 2102 .M47 1992

Chronology of American Musical Theater.  ML 1711.8 .N3 N67 2002

The London Stage, 1660 - 1800.   PN 2596 L6

20th Century Theatre.  2v.   PN 2189 L65 1983