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Theatre, Drama, and Performing Arts Subject Guide

This guide offers suggested sources for conducting research related to the topics of theatre, drama, and the performing arts.

Where are the books?


  • Most print books in the library are on the 2nd or 4th floor. These areas are called the "stacks."
  • Books on Theatre are in many different locations. Many books relevant to this subject are in ebook format.
  • Each set of shelves holds books on different subjects. The subjects have codes on the book spine, called "call numbers."
  • Bookshelves are labeled with different call number "ranges." Ranges correspond to subjects, geography, and time periods.

Find Books in Our Library

The link above will take you to the keyword search interface of the library catalog.  You can also choose to do an advance keyword search or if you have specific titles, author names, or other specific information. You can narrow down your results by using the functions located in the right hand toolbar of the advanced search page. 

Books on theatre history and craft are located in the PN call number range available on the library's fourth floor.  Plays and anthologies will also be located on the fourth floor.  Call numbers for individual titles or anthologies should be located using the library catalog.

Find Books in Other Libraries