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Interlibrary Loan

What you might want to know about our interlibrary loan (ILL) service

When do I have to return my item?

It all depends on the library that lent it to you, but usual loan periods are

  • books -- a month

  • DVDs and CDs -- 1-2 weeks 

The maroon book strap on your item will give you the due date.

You may request one renewal of a given item, as follows:

Renewal requests may be made as early as 14 days before the due date and as late as the day before the due date.

To request a renewal, log on to ILLiad and under “View,” click on “Checked Out Items.” Click on the transaction number for the item you want to renew, then on "Renew Request.” Or to submit a renewal request directly to an ILL staff member, please email the ILL unit at or call 8473. ILL staff will request a renewal and let you know if the lending library has granted it. Requests are handled during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

If the lending institution does not allow for a renewal, if you have already requested a renewal, or if your item is already overdue, you will not be see an option to renew. If you still require the item, choose "Clone Request" instead. This initiates a new request for the item by bringing up the request form and allowing you to edit the request if needed, e.g., to change the "needed before" date. Click on "Submit Request." You will still need to return the copy you currently have.