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Teaching with Special Collections & Archives

A guide for faculty interested in instruction sessions using Special Collections & Archives

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of students that can be accommodated in a class session? 

We can comfortably seat 28 with room for materials, and have managed to squeeze in 30 before. 

I have students with accommodations; how does this work with Special Collections visits?

We are happy to provide assistance for students with documented accommodation needs, such as advance printouts of presentations, typed transcripts of handwritten documents, etc. It is helpful if the instructor can provide advance notice of these needs. 

Can the library buy rare materials for my class? 

Maybe. There are many factors that play into special collections purchase requests, including price, custodial history, usage expectations, and the overall library budget. Instructors are encouraged to contact the Special Collections Librarian or their liaison librarian with requests and suggestions. 

Does my class session have to take place during SCA's open hours? 

No, classes can be scheduled during any class slots scheduled by the registrar. Class sessions, appointments, and special events outside of these slots may be available with significant advance notice. 

Can you bring materials to my class in our normal classroom? 

With the nature of Texas weather this is generally not feasible. Any class sessions using SCA materials need to take place in the Special Collections & Archives reading room. 

I teach in an area outside of the humanities--is there anything for my class? 

Over the past five years, we have hosted instruction sessions for classes in Anthropology, Art, Art History, Biology, Communication, Computer Science, East Asian Studies, English, History, Human Communication & Theatre, Music, Religion, Sociology, and Sports Management. Primary source literacy can enhance student learning in any discipline!